Sea-going vessel versus wind turbineverfasst am 10.02.2014 von Carmen Schulz

Wind offshoreHaving spent some stormy days in northern Germany, a subject that colleagues of mine had on their table came into my mind: what if ships collide with wind turbines?

You would think that the danger of a collision is quite negligible and there are not so many damaged and disabled ships at sea. Sure, but the danger is also present during routine docking manoeuvres of maintenance ships. The potential hazards to people, ships and the environment must therefore be thoroughly examined in advance.

Offshore wind turbines are just coming out of their infancy and consequently there is not much empirical evidence on them. Therefore computational models and simulations are necessary and important tools for the prevention of accidents between ships and offshore wind turbines. Because experience and clear standards and guidelines from the authorities are still not available, there is a great need to address this issue. Moreover simulation of maritime collision by interdisciplinary experts is essential.

References on the topic of collision risk at high sea

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